Indigena – Handcrafted skincare made in Canada

To look fabulous on your special day trust our locally sourced skincare from Indigena, who have trained Ever After’s staff to help you choose the perfect regimen for flawless skin.

Located in scenic Topsail Indigena is the creator of all natural skincare.

Skincare made from indigenous plants that are challenged daily for their very survival by fluctuating temperatures and constantly changing weather.

These plants must adapt to these extreme conditions or they will succumb to the elements.

They are the botanical superstars of our northern hemisphere because they yield the highest antioxidants of their kind on the planet. 

Indigena hand harvests these botanicals from our land and surrounding sea, and it is their carefully extracted essences that are blended together to create a pure skin care range.

Powerfully adapted to fight aging, acne and sensitivity, these exceptional ingredients are the soldiers of Indigena’s skincare, defending and maintaining your skin’s integrity to provide glowing, clear, and calm skin, no matter what your age.